Phablets . . . a Phabulous Future?

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
A few years back, as the smartphone grew increasingly larger and began to shift its focus away from communication and towards mobile multi-media utility, a new genre of mobile consumer electronic device emerged named Phablets (Phone & Tablet). One of the reasons that enhanced the desirability of the Phablet genre was, app usage, which shifted the consumer consciousness towards the idea that the smartphone could be used for purposes other than communication. It is worth mentioning at this juncture that at Juniper, our Phablets are bigger than those elsewhere: for us, the minimum screen size requirement for a Phablet is 5.6 inches, rising to 6.9 inches (after which we enter tablet territory). However, elsewhere you may see devices defined as Phablets which have a screen size as low as 4.5 inches. Juniper acknowledges that the frontier for what is considered a larger screen is constantly moving forward and that a 5-5.5 inch display is likely to become fairly standard amongst ultra-premium smartphones. Once perceived to have limited potential, Juniper forecasts that Phablets will ship over 120 million units by 2018, rising from an estimated 20 million in 2013, with the device finding receptive markets in East Asian territories.