Data Offload & Onload

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As we all understand, mobile data traffic has been growing at an unprecedented pace and is increasingly outstripping the network capacity. This rapid growth of data traffic from smartphones and tablets highlights the need to offload traffic to smaller cells. Offloading data to complementary networks promises to be an opportunity for the network operators to reduce the capacity issue as discussed in one of my previous mobile data offload blog. Having said that, it is important for the operators to realise that despite the implementation of offloading measures, migration of data traffic from fixed to mobile will increase the strain on the cellular network. We have referred this migration of data traffic as data onload and even though data offload alleviates some of the operator’s network congestion, a significant proportion of the offload could itself be offset by fixed to mobile migration of data. As we discuss in our new report Data Offload & Onload, this is exactly why operators need to view offloading solutions as complementary to their network, providing them with more strategic opportunities. Consequently, by 2015 we believe 63% of the mobile data traffic generated by Smartphones, Featurephones and Tablets - equivalent to almost 11 billion movie downloads - will move across to Wi-Fi and Femtocell networks. Our Mobile Data Offload & Onload video whitepaper is now available to watch here…