1200% Surge in Growth in Mobile Ticketing: Trinity Mobile

POSTED BY Global Administrator
This week I read with interest that Trinity Mobile is seeing tremendous growth in mobile ticketing. I say "with interest", but I can't say I'm surprised! The most interesting aspect of the announcement for me though isn't the growth. You could argue that any early stage new product like this is always going to produce dazzling percentage growth figures because it starts from a low base.

Mobile ticketing is one of those products that makes so much sense in transport (air, rail, metro, bus), cinemas, concerts, and some sports. The case is quite compelling based on convenience for customers or passengers, cost savings, and green issues to name a few.

No, the aspect that most interested me was that Trinity said that the growth was achieved with "little or no direct sales push".

This means that passengers (in this case) are catching on quickly. OK, there will be teething troubles - and they're likely to receive some  publicity. All new technologies face issues in their early days. I expect there will be instances of some people needing help at the airport to begin with, for example.

We're generally well used to bar coded boarding passes now, so I'm sure that wider public awareness from this will have helped take-up for having them delivered to mobiles.

Globally we're forecasting 15 billion tickets delivered to devices in 2014, across all market segments. Bearing in mind the hundreds of biilions of tickets issued every year, especially in mass transit systems and national rail networks, this figure is actually a relatively small percentage. We're seeing more and more apps launched for ticketing, and with increased marketing there is potential for much more growth in future along the lines of the Trinity Mobile statement.