NTT Launches New Mobile Marketing Initiative

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Japan, which has been years ahead with its  Osaifu-Keitai™ mobile wallet that is now installed on some 60 million mobiles since its inception in 2004, has just announced another step forward - this time in the area of mobile marketing and loyalty. The Biz Marketing Kazaspot involves terminals installed in physical stores that users wave their mobile wallets over to participate in surveys, loyalty programmes and other marketing initiatives. Why should the development be successful? Well my view is this. The answer is - the mobile wallet is already so well integrated into many aspects of daily life such as travelling and payment in particular that waving it across a reader in store is a natural thing for people to do. As an example every McDonalds in Japan is equipped so that you can wave and pay for your burger and redeem a coupon for it - all using your phone. I also see coupons and loyalty as part of the wider mobile commerce picture, rather than being disconnected aspects. Other countries face challenges in reaching this stage of development. Two fundamental issues exist: lack of users with NFC or contactless phones and in many countries the lack of readers installed in store. But there are signs that progress is being made and one I wanted to mention is in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic. O2 has launched an NFC based service which integrates the local travel card into the phone. Having just discussed the Japanese example, this may sound familiar: the Pilsen service starts as a travel card on your phone, also is an electronic purse and prepaid vouchers are in the pipline.....