Want a free burger or ice cream? Reach for your phone!!

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There have been important developments in mobile coupons this week with announcements by major companies and merchants including Burger King, Unilever and ShopRite. Burger King is doing it through an application for the iPhone, whilst the Unilever trial is through downloading a coupon to your phone from Samplesaint.com and then scanning it in-store.

There are more ways of providing mobile coupons as well – NFC for one.

But my point this week isn’t about the technology.

It’s this: mobile coupons are beginning to go mainstream. When big brands dip their toes in the water, you know that this particular part of mobile commerce is moving from being a twinkle in the eye of the companies developing the technology to becoming a fully fledged marketing tool in the armoury of merchants and retailers.

But why? Well let’s think about it. Four billion of us or around two thirds of the world’s population have a mobile. And is this number growing or declining? Enough said.