Apple joined by at least 10 players on tablets- here's the list

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As Cisco throws its hat into the ring with its business-focused tablet device, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the other players that are planning tablets in the near future. The companies featured below are just those that are coming from the PC/ computer/ software industry. Casting an eye at the the handset/ smartphone industry reveals an other half dozen at least. Interestingly, though, their plans seem to be either further behind, or kept more closely behind closed doors...

I will look at handset manufacturers' plans in a future post.

Here, then, is the list, so far:

  1. Apple: First to market with iPad, building on success in both computer and mobile industries, + content strategy and invention of App store/ itunes content distribution model Launch/ shipments: Spring/ summer 2010, depending on region- monthly shipments in first months 1 million/ month; undisputed market leader with others engaging in a "me too" strategy; expected to retain significant market share

  2. Dell: Second to market with Dell Streak, a tablet/ smartphone hybrid. Sales via operator alliances/ via retailers; offers call functionality which is lacking on the iPad. Launch/ shipments July 2010; Features: brings certain functionality such as HDMI/ USB Line Out on docking station to the market

  3. HP: Initially planned to use Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, now planning palm’s WebOS though details unclear; Cost of basic “slate” unit: $550-$560; Launch/ shipments: H2 2010? Rumoured features: 8.9-inch 1024 x 60 capacitive display, 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor, UMA graphics, 32GB flash storage, 1GB RAM. Battery: five-hours, also SIM card slot. Features may have changed since Palm acquisition

  4. Asus: Eee Pad tablet unveiled Computex 2010, Taipei, Taiwan. Asus made (unsuccessful) early foray into the tablet market in 2002 via Microsoft alliance. App store now planned
    Launch/ shipments: 2010, H2 Features: 12-inch touchscreen, Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Windows 7 operating system; may retain keyboard/ opt for detachable elements to product offering

  5. Acer: Launched touchscreen device in 2009; precursor to tablet device. May retain keyboard/ opt for detachable elements to product offering; made (unsuccessful) early foray into the tablet market in 2002 via Microsoft alliance

  6. Cisco: Android Tablet Cius positioned as a business device, with VPN integration/ virtual desktop to access cloud based apps/ video conferencing Launch/ shipment: July 2010 onwards Features: WiFi, 3/4G/ Bluetooth; HD Video; secure remote connection; Cisco collaboration apps include Cisco Quad, Show and Share, WebEx, IM, Presence; USB ports included

  7. MSI: 2 tablets planned, dubbed Windpad, using Windows 7 operating system and Android OS; Price point in the $500 range, Android version 20% cheaper Launch/ shipment: Q3 2010 Features:10-inch screens, 2 GB of RAM and a 1.6-GHz Atom processor. 3G and Wi-Fi capability

  8. YukYung Android and Microsoft tablets planned under the brand name Viliv. Launch/ shipments: Two tablet devices planned- S5 and S7; S Korean company selling locally, initially at least. Features: Initially 10in touchscreen, ARM-based processor, USB port, SD card reader, Wi-Fi and 3G capability. Device USPs: 200 hours standby time; “just on” function allowing 3-4 second wake from sleep mode; Windows XP Home

  9. Google Rumoured tablet planned for 2010; HTC/ Verizon likely partners

  10. LG, Motorola Launching in 2010, few further details available

  11. Huawei: Planning device called the S7. Launch/ shipments Expected 2010, timing not released but likely to be through operators. Features: 16:9 ratio, seven inch (18cm screen) touch screen, 800 x 480 resolution, 3G and WiFi connectivity/ phone functionality, HDMI TV port

That's it for now- I expect I will update this at some point- and it will be interesting to look at the smartphone players next week...