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December 2015


Future Toys – Smart Toys

POSTED BY Steffen Sorrell
In a world where the concept of applying Internet connectivity has been considered for almost all physical objects, it is unsurprising that the toy industry is increasingly involved in the development and sale of connected, ‘smart toys’.

The Future of (EU) Mobile Roaming

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
Following a number of negotiations and policy reversals with state governments and operators, the EU Parliament finally voted in October 2015 to end mobile roaming charges in the EU by 2017. The EU roaming regulation adopted over the years has established caps on mobile tariffs and an automatic safeguard against data roaming bill shocks and for price transparency.

The Race for Autonomy

POSTED BY Sam Barker
A new report published by Juniper Research on autonomous vehicles this week - Autonomous Vehicles: Adoption, Regulation & Business Models 2015-2025 - found that autonomous vehicles are likely to hit the road by 2019, with consumer adoption set to take off in 2021. The market has witnessed significant developments over the past 12-24 months with stakeholders now conducting live trials.