Paul Travers

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Vuzix Corp.

Tell us about the background to how you came to found Vuzix?

Vuzix has been in the wearable display markets since 1997. The founders of the company, most probably, have a longer history in the wearable display market than any other company; coming from a start-up that began in 1991. Our initial focus was in the defence markets, where the first real wearable technology users came from. Over the years we have developed a series of consumer, enterprise and defence related solutions.

Most recently our products have gone from simple viewers to smart device and they are moving from standard definition resolutions to HD. Our thrust from the beginning has been to help drive the wearable display solution from early adopter to mainstream and to get there we believe form factor is critical. To that end much of our technology development has been in the area of optics and reducing form factors to create solution that look like fashion ware.

How has the launch of smart glasses or the M100 enhanced your portfolio?

The M100 launch has given Vuzix credibility in the market as a leading supplier of Smart Glasses technology. The M100 is a solid platform for Industrial, enterprise and medical companies now looking for wearable computing, communications and displays solutions to turn to.

Tell us about the main trends you’ve observed in the wearables sector over the past 12 months?

There is a clear trend in the industrial, enterprise and medical markets to automate, improve safety, and enhanced efficiencies in the workplace through the automation of mundane or redundant tasks. Many of these issues can be address through the use of wearable, hands-free smart glasses and in fact, many corporations already have applications written for smartphone and tablets that can easily be moved to the M100 which now frees up the user’s hands, improving safety and user’s on-the-job effectiveness.

The list of companies using smart technology applications grows daily, Audi, BMW, Airbus, Boeing, Toyota, Chrysler, DePuy, Panduit, Raytheon, Mitsubishi and many others. Smart Glasses are no longer a “fad,” they have found their place in the commercial sector.

What do you like best about Juniper Research’s study into wearables?

Vuzix likes the way Juniper Research anticipates trends in the market and does their homework to monitor and confirm those trends as they unfold.


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