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Chief Marketing Officer


Tell us about your role at Syniverse?

As Chief Marketing Officer, I lead Syniverse’s product marketing, corporate communications, branding, digital strategy, strategic events and industry relations. Previously, I served as Senior Vice President of Next-Generation Roaming Services and Standards, and, prior to that, Senior Vice President of Roaming. In these roles, I was responsible for spearheading new product introductions in Syniverse’s Real-Time Intelligence portfolio and strategic consulting services, defining Syniverse’s LTE strategy from concept to product introduction, and playing a strategic leadership role in Syniverse’s acquisition of MACH.

Could you give us some background on the services offered by Syniverse – Messaging and Roaming for example?


Syniverse is the leading global transaction processor that connects more than 1,700 mobile service providers, enterprises, ISPs and OTTs in nearly 200 countries and territories, enabling seamless mobile communications across disparate and rapidly evolving networks, devices and applications. Syniverse delivers innovative cloud-based solutions that facilitate superior end-user experiences through always-on services and real-time engagement. For more than 25 years, Syniverse has been simplifying complexity to deliver the promise of mobility – a simple, interoperable experience, anytime, anywhere. Globally, Syniverse services reach more than 6 billion mobile subscribers.

Syniverse is broadly divided into two business units – Mobile Transaction services (MTS) and Enterprise and Intelligence Solutions (EIS) – enabling the company to provide more highly specialized services for its increasingly diverse customer base.

The MTS business unit is composed of Syniverse’s foundational transaction-based solutions, including Settlement Services, Advanced Network Interoperability, Next-Generation IP Networks, P2P Messaging and Value-Added Services. This unit is focused on enhancing our more than 1,000 mobile operator customers’ ability to better serve their end users.

The EIS unit enables enterprises to reliably connect and securely engage with their global customer base through a suite of cloud-based mobile services. Through leveraging real-time mobile context – insight into opted-in consumer information, behavior and location – enterprises can optimize customer engagement through hyperpersonalized communications delivered across multiple mobile channels to drive increased brand loyalty and revenue.

Tell us about the main trends you’ve observed in the above sectors over the past 12 months?

Mobile Context

Over the past year, we have seen increasing opportunities for operators to share anonymized subscriber data with brands and enterprises in order to serve consumers with more personalized offerings. Following from this, Syniverse has helped refine the term “mobile context” to describe subscriber data that encompasses subscriber locations, usage patterns, purchasing preferences and demographics. Syniverse very much sees mobile context as being part of the broader big data trend in technology, but as a service that stays specific to operators.

In February 2014, Syniverse announced that the exchange of subscriber mobile context data between mobile operators and brands could be worth $44 billion annually. Following from this, Syniverse’s Mobile Intelligence Portal was designed as a solution to address this opportunity, enabling Syniverse to act as an intermediary platform that brokers operator subscriber data, with the explicit opt-in of users.

LTE and LTE Roaming

Today’s users demand always-on connectivity at the highest speeds to access the latest mobile services – on their own terms. This has driven the rollout of LTE and ultimately LTE roaming. Syniverse experts have been leading the industry in the transition to LTE from the beginning with the hosting of LTE roaming trials through its IPX Network as well as through industry group participation and regional workshops with mobile service providers.

IPX is a core component of Syniverse’s LTE interoperability solutions. Syniverse’s IPX Network provides a carrier-grade connection that currently serves nearly 100 mobile service providers worldwide. Offering one-stop access to Syniverse’s full suite of mobile solutions and serving as a core component of the company’s LTE solution portfolio, Syniverse’s IPX Network provides a one-connection-to-multiple-services approach that lowers costs and boosts operational efficiencies by reducing the number of network connections a mobile service provider must manage.

Syniverse’s LTE solutions now reach over 35 countries on six continents and touch nearly half of the world’s mobile roaming traffic. Syniverse recently enabled the successful launch of international LTE roaming between two Tier 1 operators in the United States and Canada, the first of its kind to deliver cross-border LTE roaming capabilities in North America. Moreover, over the past three years, Syniverse has led the deployment of LTE roaming by helping providers conduct a series of end-to-end LTE roaming and interconnect trials around the globe. Further, to make connecting to IPX easier and more cost-effective for mobile network operators, Syniverse added to its global points of presence (POPs) in locations with the implementation of POPs in Frankfurt, Germany, and Marseille, France, increasing its worldwide total to 18.

Enterprise Mobile Services

Syniverse improves customer engagement and business processes by delivering real-time offerings and relevant information to more than 6 billion mobile devices through a single connection to Syniverse’s cloud services. In providing a wide spectrum of mobile enterprise services, Syniverse has developed a range of enterprise solutions to address key trends:

  • Mobile Engagement - Enables companies to create, deploy, and manage mobile campaigns across channels in real time to the right people, at the right time, in the right place.
  • Escalation Management - Enables enterprises to efficiently manage both customer and employee-facing incidents by broadcasting critical information through mobile channels, including email, messaging and voice communications.
  • Enterprise Mobile Messaging - Provides common point of connection for enterprise to interact with customers, transfer information, and increase engagement through the delivery of personalized, time-sensitive, and actionable information via SMS, MMS or push communications.
  • Mobile Identity Services- Delivers services to prevent fraud, comply with regulations and deliver contextual marketing offers based on valid customer data, including number, device and user attributes.
  • Location-based Services - Provides enterprises the capability to use the real-time location of users to mitigate fraud, enhance customer engagement and deliver hyperpersonalized marketing campaigns.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Services - Integrates mobile location, identity, messaging and voice biometrics to mitigate fraud and reduce false positives.
  • Payments - Gives enterprises the ability to place a charge on the customer’s mobile bill or be deducted from their prepaid account.

    More specifically, Syniverse has identified these in-depth enterprise trends:

    How has your business benefitted from Juniper Research’s reports and research?

    The Juniper Research reports have been extremely beneficial resources in numerous ways. They provide valuable objective and in-depth analysis of major issues, trends and technologies that go beyond the level of insight offered through industry conferences and trade publications.

    One example of the way that Syniverse has used Juniper Research's reports is to combine data from Juniper Research's roaming report with Syniverse data to assist Syniverse with forecasting new product concepts as well as sensitivity analysis for other critical initiatives.

      • New Age of Mobile Context - As mentioned, Syniverse identified that the capability for brands to use “context” – understanding characteristics like where users like to go, what they like to buy and how they like to be contacted – has become increasingly critical in being able to deliver highly relevant and engaging communications. A full-scale mobile strategy for unlocking mobile users’ characteristics, obtaining users’ explicit opt-in to do this, and acting on these characteristics has become imperative, and brands and mobile service providers must refocus their efforts to address these user expectations.
      • Need for Enterprise Solutions - Syniverse undertook a global survey of executives at Fortune 1,000 companies and identified that enterprises are increasingly looking to connect with consumers in ways that are more contextual, consistent and real-time. The survey yielded significant findings in the areas of mobile strategy, mobile marketing, messaging and mobile implementation, and revealed a paradigm shift that has resulted in the user positioned squarely at the center of the mobile ecosystem. According to the findings of the survey, a new era of mobile has begun in which the enterprise has risen to play an essential role in delivering the mobile experiences that users demand.
      • Rise of Grey Routes - Syniverse has identified a growing threat from “grey routes,” or low-quality messaging routes that cost operators millions of dollars in lost revenues each year. These include A2P messages, such as marketing or spam messages blasted to thousands of people, that are questionably riding on the dedicated P2P connections of operators. Grey routes pose a grave risk to the operators whose networks are inappropriately used, the enterprises whose reputations and business operations can be irreparably damaged, and the mobile users who can become victims of fraudulent schemes and spam. The price charged to deliver a message through a grey route can be anywhere from five to 10 times as less as a message on a direct connection by a legitimate mobile service provider. From 2013 to 2014, Syniverse has seen a 15 percent growth in grey route detection, and Syniverse sees that rate is definitely going to grow in 2014 to 25 percent or higher.
      • Need for a Mobile Partner - Syniverse has identified that there is a critical need for a technology partner experienced in all facets of mobile rather than a marketing provider with a mobile offering. In particular, real-time metrics are vital for both operators and brands to deliver a personalized consumer experience through mobile. Real-time intelligence enables brands and operators to instantaneously identify consumer-experience data and activity.



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