Silvio Kutic

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Against many odds and in a matter of 8 years, Infobip founder and CEO Silvio Kutic has built an international tech company of 600 people and 30 offices on 6 continents. He did it from scratch, initially backed only by a group of tech enthusiast friends.

Silvio took over as Infobip CEO in 2006. He has been the driving force behind the rapid growth of Infobip’s technology, client base and international presence, and has seen his company become one of the world’s top A2P SMS messaging providers, handling 120 000+ business accounts and over 1.5 billion messages a month.

His entrepreneurial efforts date back to 2002, when as a 24-year-old he envisioned an Internet and telecoms-based social network for his local community. Later on, he directed his interests towards professional messaging for companies and developers. He earned a M.Sc. at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Tell us about your role in Infobip

Technology and coding have been my source of inspiration and motivation long before the ideas coalesced to become the Infobip I'm proud to call my company. Even though I'm the founder and CEO, Infobip is made up of hundreds of passionate people that work together driven by the desire to create new ways of mobile interaction between businesses and people.

Some of my roles include shaping the global strategy, building MNO relations, driving international expansion, major products definition, portfolio development and its general value propositions, but that's really only a small portion of what I do.

What’s unique about your proposition in the market?

To our knowledge, we're the only company that covers the entire A2P SMS value chain, i.e. that builds and maintains all the elements in the A2P SMS delivery path, from an application all the way to the end user’s mobile phone. We have APIs, integrated solutions for enterprises, proprietary data centres, as well as SMSCs, which makes us an end-to-end provider. Such architecture is unique on a global scale. It allows businesses and developers to obtain the highest service quality, in terms of both reliability and control. On the other hand, it is easily used by businesses - it’s literally a matter of 15 minutes to be fully up and running.

Our geo-redundant, proprietary messaging and payments platform has been entirely developed at Infobip, and all maintenance and upgrades are done by our engineers. We took the same route with our expert 24/7 support service, which operates in-house, located in 5 global offices and speaking over 10 languages. We understand that businesses can't afford downtime and we work around the clock to ensure just that.

What do you regard as the next steps for solutions in your sector?

What we see happening is that the Internet and telecoms worlds are becoming much easier to interconnect. Further integration and merging of the two will result in new opportunities for businesses and people to interact via mobile, in exciting ways we haven't seen before, and our next steps will definitely be in that direction. Providers like Infobip have an opportunity to take an important role in the messaging ecosystem, by helping all the stakeholders - MNOs, businesses, brands, and mobile subscribers - to seamlessly interconnect and interact. Naturally, we'll keep putting a particular focus on the security aspects of our technologies.

How has your business benefited from Juniper Research’s reports and research?

Every ecosystem, mobile or otherwise, needs creative, systematic research to increase the stock of knowledge, which is then used to steer business on an operational level. This is where Juniper Research comes in and so far it has been a valuable addition to our market analysis efforts. By providing essential data and market intelligence, Juniper Research helps us identify new opportunities, and more accurately define and position ourselves in the mobile landscape, which in turn spearheads our drive for innovation. On the other hand, we believe that by participating in thought leadership initiatives from Juniper Research we put into perspective our business, and contribute to the industry as a whole.


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