Silvio Kutic

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


It took 15 years for Infobip’s founder and CEO Silvio Kutic to build the international tech company we see today. Founded in 2006, the company has grown rapidly via bootstrapping, where it now employs 3000+ people in 70+ offices across six continents. It is still lead by Silvio and its cofounders Roberto Kutic and Izabel Jelenic.

Silvio has been the driving force behind the rapid growth of Infobip’s technology, client base and international presence, helping the company become one of the world’s leading CPaaS and messaging providers and a billion-dollar business, serving enterprise customers in 150+ countries.

His entrepreneurial efforts date back to 2002, when as a 24-year-old he envisioned an Internet and telecoms-based social network for his local community. This led him towards professional messaging solutions for companies and developers. He earned a M.Sc. at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Tell us about your role in Infobip

Technology and coding have been my source of inspiration and motivation long before the ideas coalesced to create Infobip. Even though I'm the founder and CEO, Infobip is made up of thousands of passionate people working together to innovate in business communications. Some of my roles include shaping the global strategy, building partnerships, driving international expansion.

What’s unique about your proposition in the market?

I would say it is our product portfolio with rich CCaaS capabilities, marketing automation and chatbot building. We have built strong infrastructure foundations in the last 15 years, so today Infobip is the most connected cloud communications platform on the planet, with over 650 direct telco connections and 41 global data centers. Also, we have the capability to serve clients locally – in their country, in their language, by people who can understand both their business and their culture.

Our mission is to build a world of connections – both in the physical world supported by our global presence and local reach, but also to connect the different “worlds” of communication channels, whether that SMS, WhatsApp, voice, Viber or email. We know that, now more than ever, consumers like to contact brands in different ways, depending on the service they need.

What do you regard as the next steps for solutions in your sector?

Our industry is moving quickly, and solutions in our sector must evolve fast. Messaging and CPaaS are taking the lead in business-to-customer communications, and this trend accelerated when the pandemic hit. CCaaS (Contact Center-as-a-Service) has already become a natural extension to CPaaS. An omnichannel approach to business communication will keep developing in our sector. Next up are enhancements via AI, SaaS models, as well as customer engagement and conversational commerce. Growth in video services will continue, especially in the medical and educational fields.

How has your business benefited from Juniper Research’s reports and research?

Every ecosystem, mobile or otherwise, needs reliable, systematic research to increase the stock of knowledge, which is then used to steer business. This is where Juniper Research comes in and for many years now it has been a valuable part of our market analysis efforts. By providing essential data and market intelligence, Juniper Research helps us identify new opportunities, and more accurately define and position ourselves in the mobile landscape. This, in turn, spearheads our drive for innovation.


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