Micah Adler

President, CEO, Founder


Tell us about your role at Fiksu?

I'm the founder and CEO of Fiksu. One way I like to look at my job is that I pay attention to everything and I'm responsible for the entire business. Day to day I'm able to spend time working on everything from products, to partnerships to strategy. One point I pay particular attention to is hiring: I feel strongly that the key to a successful company is building an exceptional team, and I think Fiksu's results prove that theory out.

What’s unique about your proposition in the market?

Fiksu provides data-fueled programmatic advertising technologies for mobile. Our extensive reach gives us access to the widest possible range of mobile advertising channels, including integrations with Facebook, Twitter, leading real-time bidding exchanges, and scores of other ad networks.

What do you regard as the key challenges facing stakeholders in your sector?

We see three main challenges. One is that the rapid rise of mobile has caught many digital ad tech providers by surprise, leaving them with media tracking and management systems that depend on cookies or other Web technologies - systems that are completely unsuited for mobile. The second challenge, which arose as a result of the first, is that mobile-first technologies are provided by a complex and overlapping group of vendors: attribution from one source, RTB from another, analytics from a third. The third challenge is that even when an advertiser has the right technologies in place, the key to successful mobile advertising is data -- and traditional third-party data providers fall down when it comes to mobile. Fiksu's combination of end-to-end technology and a massive store mobile data (4.1 trillion mobile marketing events across 1.7 billion mobile devices) provides a unique solution to those challenges.

How has your business benefitted from Juniper Research?

We use Juniper Research in two ways. First, Fiksu has long taken a leadership role when it comes to analyzing the mobile marketing ecosystem, and when we present our findings and recommendations in webinars, at conferences, or in our own marketing materials, it's always useful to include supporting stats from a trusted third party like Juniper Research as additional proof points. Second, as mobile marketing is becoming more and more important at larger brands, there's more of a call for external validation of strategies: citing a Juniper Research report on the changing marketplace or the dominance of mobile provides that validation.


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