Giuseppe Torres

Product Marketing Manager

Dialog Semiconductor

Tell us about your role at Dialog Semiconductor

As Product Marketing Manager within Mobile Systems at Dialog Semiconductor most of my time is spent planning and expanding Dialog’s product portfolio for wearable products. This involves identification and execution of internal development programs and strategic partnerships. Foreseeing the market is of paramount importance and requires accurate definition of products and customers to address.

At Dialog we bring best in class expertise and products in the areas of power management and audio. At MWC’15 we presented and demonstrated strategic features for wearable to tackle battery life challenges.

Could you give us some background on DA9024?

Dialog Semiconductor is renowned for partnering strategically with portable device platform vendors to offer their range of programmable power management devices, which can be easily reconfigured according to end products requirements.

This strategy is being enabled also for the designs of wearable devices. The DA9024 power management integrated circuit (PMIC) device is a particularly good fit in the general “wearables” market and is being used in several Smartwatch products today.

In Smartwatches the application processor and related memories require bursts of high current from multiple supplies when running their operating system software. The DA9024 generates these supplies, extending the battery life of these products. This is achieved via highly efficient programmable “switching regulators” and a sufficient number of high performance ‘linear regulators’ to supply all of the other functions inside the Smartwatch. A real time clock with alarm is also included in this tiny device that measures only 3.6mm by 4.8mm.

What do you perceive as the primary disruptive factors in the wearable and IoT markets?

Dialog is well renowned, in computing devices, for its power management and audio intellectual properties. Dialog recently raised its profile in short-range connectivity with the addition of SmartBond technology, resulting in the successful inclusion of Dialog components in several wearable devices.

Portable computing devices, such as wearables, hearables, and the ‘Things’ of the IoT, that are always ON and connected will further simplify tasks like checking emails and text messages.

Dialog has observed that a limited battery life in combination with a small form factor is the major hurdle to overcome in IoT and wearables with complex displays. The capacity of batteries in these products is typically a fraction of that found in smartphones, nevertheless the processing power used in smartwatches or battery powered smart home devices prevents these products from being used for more than one or two days at best. Dialog’s expertise typically allows OEMs to extend the usage of these products still offering lower form factor products.

How has your business benefitted from Juniper Research?

Dialog Semiconductor has benefitted significantly from the Juniper Research reports - particularly those featured within the Devices and Wearables stream.

The quarterly tracker reports as well as the annual benchmarking reports into Smart wearable technology have provided a valuable insight into the forecasts and market trends associated within this sector.

The second element of subscription that Dialog has found greatly useful is the ability to discuss first with Juniper Research analysts any research topics that are relevant to Dialog. These discussions often provide essential data and market intelligence on a deeper level.


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