Julia Dimambro

Founder & Mobile Strategist

Cherry Media

Julia Dimambro has spent the last 17 years in new media and digital communications and 12 years specifically in mobile entertainment. Starting her career with London based digital agency, Deepend, Julia successfully launched and integrated the first interactive division of London advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson, working on interactive marketing campaigns for Kelloggs, RAF, Barclays and some of the first Interactive TV trials for Sky.

Julia spent 2 years in New York setting up and managing the US office for Deepend and later moved to Spain, where she was hired to run all of Private Media Group’s Internet distribution partnerships. She later joined the newly founded wireless department as Commercial Director and set up some of the world’s first mobile content deals and marketing campaigns for the publicly listed media group.

In September 2003, Julia founded Cherry Media to enable businesses to acquire an emerging mobile consumer base.

What’s unique about your proposition in the market?

Launched in 2003 as the first of its kind, multi-award winner Cherry Media is the most established and recognized erotic lifestyle mobile specialist in the world. Cherry Media boasts one of the most unique and commercially proven content portfolios that has been designed and optimized to match strict global on and off deck regulations. This means that quite unusually within the sector, Cherry’s portfolio can be billed for with direct carrier billing practically anywhere in the world including highly lucrative emerging mobile territories, such as India, Africa and Latam.

Everything Cherry produces is expertly edited to the 32 official MNO grading levels of explicitness and we deliver ready-made mobile channels complete with content, metadata and artwork, instead of random content. In addition, Cherry Media’s content continues to increase revenues for partners by an average of 30% when it replaces others, because it's so targeted and consumer driven.

Cherry compliments this high-performance portfolio with associated business services for all four screens (mobile, tablet, PC & TV) including m-sites, design services, mobile applications and business strategies.

What do you regard as the key challenges facing stakeholders in your sector?

Stricter regulations across the board, meaning that properly graded and licensed content for Mobile Erotica will become more important than ever.

Localisation for regulations and billing - We still see a lot of traditional adult businesses shying away from mobile because of the complexity surrounding global billing solutions. In addition, different portfolios / services are required for different countries to meet local regulations, so a greater investment is required to build successful mobile services compared to their original fixed line solutions.

How has your business benefitted from Juniper Research?

For the Mobile Adult sector specifically, Juniper Research is the ONLY analyst assessing and reporting on this highly lucrative, but mostly taboo sector.

Keeping in mind that the adult industry has a proven footprint in history of creating commercial and technical standards when it comes to new media and entertainment channels (VHS, WWW, Digital Marketing, etc.), having a respected and methodical specialist like Juniper Research monitor and report regularly on this multi-billion dollar industry has been invaluable for assessing a sector that normally keeps its figures and data very guarded.

Those ignoring this entertainment sector for their consumer mobile services are limiting their overall reach and revenues in today’s global mobile market. Juniper Research clearly lays out the most lucrative areas, the pitfalls and benefits and presents insights from the main industry experts who can effectively support businesses to create lucrative new revenue streams, whilst abiding by their own moral code as well as global regulations.


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