Alessandro Adriani

Chief Executive Officer

Bridge Alliance

Mr. Alessandro Adriani was appointed CEO in June 2012. Prior to his current position, he was Head of International Services at Vodafone in the United Kingdom and Italy, and was responsible for the development and launch of new products, services, and propositions for Vodafone’s high-value customers globally in the consumer and enterprise segments. Before joining Vodafone, Alessandro held senior positions in Arthur D. Little, Bouygues Telecom, Telecom Italia Mobile.

Tell us about your role at Bridge Alliance?

At Bridge Alliance I act as a catalyst for change. I report to the shareholders Board of Directors, whose members are the CEOs of the founding 10 operators and I hold P&L responsibilities. My primary role is to design and launch innovative partnership products, services, pricing and solutions, while managing the engagement within the partnership and creating tangible and intangible value for the Partners. Strong partnership and collaboration skills are used to drive action in a highly matrixed and relationship based environment. Within the first 6 months, we were able to improve cash generation and acquire the 1st new Partners in 6 years. 25 NEW operators joined the partnership: MobiFone Vietnam, Telkomcel East Timor, Airtel 17 African mobile subsidiaries, Airtel Bangladesh, Airtel SriLanka, SoftBank Japan, STC Saudi, Viva Bahrain and Viva Kuwait. Additionally, we partner with key MNCs, vendors and platform providers. Our greatest accomplishments have been using balanced decision making to solve commercial and financial dichotomies while working effectively with multi-cultural CxOs.

This role is at the intersection of my skills and my passion.

Could you give us some background on the services offered by Bridge Alliance?

When I joined Bridge Alliance back in June 2012, we spent the first months to refocus the Partnership strategy. Currently, we offer services in the three businesses of Roaming, M2M and Enterprises looking for regional mobility services. We focus in different areas, from strong collaboration into operational matters to roaming customer experience, from empirical evidence to sharing customer reaction and elasticity to roaming pricing change, from collecting and sharing MNCs multi-country services in a single web-portal (across multiple jurisdictions, currencies, languages...) to helping MNCs to central procuring products and services, from M2M service level agreement to regulatory framework. Obviously there are additional services which are commercially confidential.

Tell us about the main trends you’ve observed in the above sectors over the past 12 months?

We have observed several trends, all of them pointing in the direction of additional focus on customer experience, pricing predictability, SLA, regulatory framework, reducing multi-country complexities...

We have been at the forefront of these trends very proactively and our strategy is paying off:

  • Adding 25 new operators / Countries to the Alliance is improving our capability to deliver across multiple geographies: from MobiFone Vietnam, to Airtel 17 African mobile subsidiaries, from SoftBank Japan to STC Saudi, Viva Bahrain and Viva Kuwait.
  • Increasing the depth and breadth of the services we provide to our member operators: from sharing best practice based on empirical evidence on roaming customer experience to pricing elasticity, from MNCs multi-country RFIs/RFPs to single bill consolidation (across multiple countries, multiple currencies, multiple legislations and regulations...) which enable MNCs to have regional visibility and control, to providing central procuring products and services for MNCs across many geographies, to M2M sales framework and regulatory assessment.

How has your business benefitted from Juniper Research?

Juniper Research provide us with the opportunity to learn from different players in different markets and therefore it enables us to extrapolate what are going to be the next most important services for the customers.

We find the quality of the information generated by Juniper Research to be very high standard and we comfortably rely on their data-points to underpin our assumptions and forecasts.


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