Richard Leyland

VP of Marketing Communications


Tell us about your role at Bango

I’m Bango’s VP of Marketing Communications, so my role is to shape how we talk about Bango, and to ensure we do as much talking as possible – To technology media, analysts, clients, prospects and as a public company, to investors. I also manage Bango’s marketing team.

Much of my time is taking up in writing. I write our news announcements, case studies and am part of the team that produces our white papers, newsletters and so on. As such, I’m always on the lookout for credible and insightful comment on our industry.

What’s unique about your proposition in the market?

Bango powers payment for the giants of mobile, primarily deploying operator billing, providing users with a massively smooth payment experience. Global leaders plugging into Bango include Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and major mobile brands including CNN, Cartoon Network and EA Mobile.

Bango’s pervasive presence across the web creates a “platform effect” for partners, identifying hundreds of millions of users and maximizing the number of one-click payments. This platform effect means that the Bango Payment Platform becomes more powerful as more partners “plug in” and contributes hugely to the overall health of the operator billing ecosystem.

Bango is the only operator billing provider that connects into and works with the world’s major app stores, bringing frictionless one-click payment to one of the few sectors where mobile payment has genuinely reached massive scale.

What do you regard as the next steps for solutions in your sector?

Mobile payment is an industry best with challenges! The principal challenge is, as it has always been, user adoption. The general sense that mobile payment is still waiting to take off is generally true, and the players within the industry must continually strive for genuine utility to the consumer.

More generally, my personal challenge is for data. In an industry of public companies, tough competition and ambitious goals, it’s often difficult to find accurate data. Whether I’m looking for the size of a particular market, for growth numbers or for market shares, I often find it difficult to cut through the claims to find numbers I can trust.

How has your business benefited from Juniper Research?

If I look at just the last 12 months, I can see that we’ve used four separate pieces of analysis from Juniper Research, and with the shoe on the other foot, we’ve provided two detailed briefings to Juniper Research's analysts on our own sector. It’s clear then that Juniper Research is simply useful to Bango.

I’ve long considered Juniper Research to be an authoritative voice on operator billing, which is Bango’s focus area. We look forward to Juniper Research's research in the area, and consider that Juniper Research's market predictions are both accurate and influential. Juniper Research's forecast for the size of the global operator billing market in 2017 – EUR 5.2b – remains our touchstone forecast.


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