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Category: Applications

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Wireless Machine to Machine

Wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) is a complex system involving a string of components, which must all work seamlessly together....

Coverage: Worldwide
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


Virtual Goods ~ Real Revenues on Mobile

We are now over a decade into Web 2.0, and although development in the numbers of desktop PC users has slowed, mobile Web 2.0 is still growing... Most social media services can be classed as social networks, as they allow their users to build relationships with other users...

Coverage: Global - 8 Key Regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Charlotte Miller


The Race for Mobile Content Revenues

Currently, the focus in the industry is on how to generate revenues from mobile content; what really matters is which players will be able to retain the greatest proportion of those revenues and generate a profit.

Coverage: Globally - 8 Key Regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


Share, Collaborate, Exploit ~ Defining Mobile Web 2.0

Difficulty in establishing a firm and accepted definition, plus the fact that many of Web 2.0’s core concepts cannot be replicated directly within the cellular environment, is paralleled in a similar debate on what exactly denotes Mobile Web 2.0...

Coverage: Global - 8 Key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


Navigating the Wireless Opportunity

In June 2005, Juniper Research published a comprehensive study on the global market for mobile location based services (MLBS). This was a time when the mobile industry was taking a more realistic view of the potential for location based services, following a number of years of hype and unfulfilled expectation. The last two years have seen location based services take giant strides forward in terms of delivering real business and consumer benefits...

Coverage: Western Europe - 9 key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


mPublishing ~ eRead All About It!

Interest and opportunity in digital publishing have increased significantly in recent years. As access to, and adoption of, broadband services whetted the consumer appetite for reading content in digital format, so markets developed to facilitate access to this content on the move, providing portable, physical frameworks for the content...

Coverage: Global
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Windsor Holden, Dr


Mobile Search - Discover the Markets

The mobile channel is already used by a greater proportion of the population to access the Internet than fixed access points in some countries and is likely to become the global norm. Nokia estimates that by 2015, 5 billion people in the world will have access to an always on mobile Internet connection and there will be a 100 fold increase in mobile network traffic...

Coverage: Global - 8 Key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


Mobile Augmented Reality ~ A whole new world

At a time when mobile applications are achieving unprecedented download levels – fuelled by the success of the App Store and the contingent deployment of a raft of operator and vendor storefronts, so interest has grown on the opportunities for mobile applications which utilise AR (augmented reality)...

Coverage: Global - 8 Key Regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Windsor Holden, Dr


Mobile Apps ~ Taking a bite of the apple

Since Apple launched its App Store for the iPhone 3G in July 2008, an app store has become a must-have; has become what they hope will be a killer app in itself...

Coverage: Global
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Windsor Holden, Dr


Mobile Advertising, Because I'm Worth It

Advertising is an essential ingredient of communication: letting the world know about the availability of a product. And as each successive mass medium has arrived, humanity has sought to place advertisements in it...

Coverage: Global - 8 Key Regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:



Number of Results: 16
Pages: 1 | 2 |



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