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WiMAX ~ The New DSL?

This whitepaper aims to provide an understanding of the next generation of mobile broadband technology that will enable the delivery of advanced applications and services...

Coverage: Global - 8 Key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Howard Wilcox


WiMAX Goes the Last Mile

The Last Mile is referred to as the final stage of delivery for a communications service such as cable TV, voice telephony, broadband Internet, to the end user or subscriber. This leg is usually connected by a wired connection and is relatively expensive to lay, especially in the case of fibre optic cables...

Coverage: Global - 8 key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Howard Wilcox


VoIP Services …Deep Impact

VoIP is a disruptive technology. It provides sufficient functionality to replace existing methods of voice communications at radically lower costs - both to service providers and to end-users.

Coverage: Worldwide
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


Voice over IP ~ Into the Mainstream

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming a mainstream telecom service.

Coverage: Worldwide
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:



Number of Results: 4
Pages: 1 |



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