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Category: Mobile

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Consumer Electronics... What's Next? Best of CES 2015

Our new CES 2015 slide set categorises the key developments, and provides a quick summary of the more interesting launches and exhibits...

Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


Smart Accessories ~ Smart Devices!

Smart hardware accessories to the smartphone have only been possible since the arrival of the iPhone created the app ecosystem necessary for their development some five years ago and only been practical even more recently as critical mass makes it worthwhile to develop business models based on smart wireless accessories.

Coverage: Global ~ 8 Key Regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Anthony Cox


Smarter & Sustainable Devices!

In speaking about the environmental impact of any product it is important to understand that a product is ‘in’ the environment throughout its life in terms of the impact it has.

Coverage: Global ~ 8 key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Daniel Ashdown


Mobile Base Stations ~ Environmentally Sustainable?

Our latest study finds that Mobile Operators have the opportunity to reduce base station CO2 emissions from 22 Mega tonnes (Mt) today to 15.6MT by 2014 if \'transformational\' strategies are put in place to reduce both site inefficiencies and non-renewable energy sources...

Coverage: Global - 8 Key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Windsor Holden, Dr


WiMAX ~ The New DSL?

This whitepaper aims to provide an understanding of the next generation of mobile broadband technology that will enable the delivery of advanced applications and services...

Coverage: Global - 8 Key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author: Howard Wilcox


Navigating the Wireless Opportunity

In June 2005, Juniper Research published a comprehensive study on the global market for mobile location based services (MLBS). This was a time when the mobile industry was taking a more realistic view of the potential for location based services, following a number of years of hype and unfulfilled expectation. The last two years have seen location based services take giant strides forward in terms of delivering real business and consumer benefits...

Coverage: Western Europe - 9 key regions
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


Location Based Services (LBS) 2006 Conference Report

IIR LBS Conference Report

Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:


Location: Mobile

Mobile Location Based Services (MLBS) have promised much, but to date delivered little.

Coverage: Worldwide
Publisher: Juniper Research | Author:



Number of Results: 8
Pages: 1 |



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