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Mobile/Tablet TV & Video

Content, Broadcast & OTT Strategies 2013-2017

05-2013 £1750

This seventh edition of Juniper's Mobile and Tablet TV & Video Report gives a comprehensive review of the latest developments in the mobile TV and video sector and addresses how the environment is evolving.

Mobile/Tablet TV & Video IFxl 2013-2017

05-2013 £1750

This enhanced Excel workbook, provides you with a comprehensive set of analytical tools to help enrich your understanding of the market as well as giving you access to the full suite of forecast data. It contains all global and regional data from the Mobile & Tablet Games report plus six country level splits.

Mobile Music

Streaming, Full Track Downloads & Legacy Services 2013-2017

04-2013 £750

Juniper's new report provides an essential guide to the key drivers and trends shaping this dynamic sector, together with an assessment of growth prospects by region.

Mobile Music IFxl 2013-2017

04-2013 £750

Juniper delivers the most detailed forecasts yet produced on the mobile music industry.

The Mobile Entertainment Briefing 2012-2016

06-2012 £250

This executive briefing discusses the key drivers within the mobile entertainment market and discusses key challenges facing players across the mobile entertainment value chain.

Mobile Entertainment Strategies

Business Models & Forecasts 2012-2016

06-2012 £1750

The highly anticipated 7th edition of this industry-leading report provides an overview of the rapidly expanding mobile entertainment market, highlighting the key sectors for service growth and the new business models which are reshaping the way that content is monetised.

Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries & Betting Excel 2012-2017

05-2012 £1750

Juniper Research's Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries & Betting Excel 2012-2017, provides an in-depth and exhaustive dataset to accompany the 7th edition of the most well-established and respected mobile gambling report in the marketplace.

The Mobile Gambling Briefing 2012-2017

05-2012 £250

This executive briefing discusses the advantages of the mobile gambling platform and whether mobile should be a tool for acquisition or retention and the continuing problem of m-payments in the gambling sphere.

Mobile Gambling.

Casinos, Lotteries & Betting 2012-2017

05-2012 £1750

The highly anticipated 7th edition of this industry-leading report provides an in-depth analysis of the mobile gambling arena, highlighting the key markets for service deployments and the opportunities to maximise revenues within this rapidly expanding sector.

Mobile Adult Content.

Trends, Drivers and Business Models 2012-2017

05-2012 £1750

This detailed investigation of the mobile adult content sector provides expert analysis of the mobile adult ecosystem, together with in-depth regional forecasts which size the opportunity for monetising mobile adult content over the next five years.


Number of Results: 47
Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |




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