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Press Release: Touchscreen-Only Smartphone Shipments to Surpass 700 Million in 2016 Says Juniper Research

Smartphones with this type of interface will comprise 72% of total shipments, compared to just over half in 2010

Hampshire, UK – 30th August 2011: A new report published by analyst firm Juniper Research forecasts that shipments of smartphones with a touchscreen-only interface will surpass 700 million per annum in 2016 – 72% of total shipments, compared to just over half in 2010.

In Juniper’s recent study Smartphone Evolution Strategies, extensive research into recent and forthcoming Smartphone models found a distinct trend away from hard-key-only interfaces, and with leading vendor RIM recently announcing a number of new device centred on touchscreen interaction, there is further evidence of this design strategy.

Report author Daniel Ashdown explains: “Touchscreen displays not only provide a superior user experience for many activities, but free-up space on the device for a larger display: that extra 2 to 3 inches can make a world of difference in the range of activities that can be performed more comfortably on the Smartphone.” For example, mobile games – the most downloaded type of app – are more appealing with a larger display.

In other Smartphone display forecasts, Juniper predicts that 3D-enabled shipments will reach 80 million by 2016, with two leading vendors, HTC and LG having launched these types of devices. Given consumer interest in this technology through introduction in cinema and home entertainment, the ability to capture 3D images and video on the device, and potentially play 3D games will drive adoption.

Other key findings in the report include: 
•    Global smartphone shipments will reach one billion per annum in 2016, up from 302 million in 2010.
•    Economy Smartphones, with a retail price of $150 or lower, will account for nearly one-third of shipments in five years.
•    Smartphones which can morph into other devices – notably portable games consoles, tablets and netbooks – are becoming more prevalent as vendors look for new USPs.

The report provides substantial primary research on hardware specifications and analysis of recent developments, and examines smartphone plans and subsidies, and the impact on operator retention costs.

A whitepaper The Smartphone Opportunity and further details of the study, ‘Smartphone Evolution Strategies: Premium, Standard and Economy Markets 2011-2016’ are available at Alternatively, please contact Jessica Hanslip at, telephone +44(0)1256 830001.

Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, providing consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary.


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