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Monetising OTT Voice

September 2015
The mobile ecosystem has seen significant changes in the last decade. Anytime, anywhere connectivity as an overall concept is a clear user expectation. This expectation of connectivity is based on normal mobile phone coverage. However the user expectation is now being fuelled both by the extra functionality afforded by smartphones and next generation smart devices in providing mobile Internet access and by the increasing pervasiveness of broadband and high speed connections at home and at work.

The Rise of Virtual Reality

September 2015
With the advances in techology and the corresponding growth in interest from major key players, VR is now in a position where the market can finally take off. The technology is poised to transform the entertainment industry over coming years, whilst holding promising potential to quickly expand into other markets such as industrial and healthcare.

Hey Siri Event Key Takeaways - Juniper Insights

September 2015
Apple’s announcements were always going to be on the downswing of the company’s innovation curve; with the iPhone 7 not out until next year, Cupertino could only introduce iterative improvements on many of their devices.
However, there were a few notable developments in the event, particularly with regard to Apple TV, which has been sorely in need of a refresh.
This is Juniper’s take on each segment.

Mobile Wallets ~ The Future of Cash

September 2015
The recent launch and impact of Apple Pay has prompted a hive of activity in the contactless arena of mobile wallets, a new function from initial P2P transactions. As public awareness of contactless has heightened, in the wake of Apple’s launch, competing services such as Samsung Pay and the forthcoming Android Pay would no longer need to seed the market.


September 2015
The mobile and online entertainment industry will take revenues of $195 billion this year and that level is set to continue rising.  Growth in the market will be driven by increased adoption of online TV & Video services, particularly through OTT services such as Netflix and Hulu leading with subscription based services. Interestingly, alongside OTT prospects in this sector there are also new revenue opportunities for MNO's, in particular through carrier billing solutions. 

Wireless Charging - A Surge of Interest

August 2015
Batteries and charging capacity are 2 of the biggest limiters of consumer technology today, particularly for mobile and wireless devices. While the computing, display, audio and connectivity capabilities of mobile devices have accelerated at a rapid pace, there is no Moore’s Law for battery power, with incremental increases in power capacity of lithium-ion batteries of around 6% each year.1 There are often reports of new battery technologies that have the potential to totally change the battery landscape, but these have yet to make it out of university laboratories.

Mobile Gambling ~ The Winner Takes it All

August 2015
Gambling is a pastime for millions around the world. In today’s market there is an ever-growing trend towards the proliferation of gambling activities through mobile and online channels. However, with this growth there have been several acts to attempt to curb or outright ban mobile and online gambling.

OK Alphabet - Juniper Insights

August 2015
In a move that has surprised the tech world and Wall Street alike, Larry Page has announced that Google will no longer operate as a standalone company, but as a wholly-owned subsidiary of its new parent, named Alphabet. The new company, Alphabet Inc, will replace Google Inc as a publicly traded entity, although shares will continue to be traded on Nasdaq under GOOG and GOOGL; existing Google shares will transfer over on a like-for-like basis to Alphabet.

Digital Music ~ A New Pitch

August 2015
Across a variety of formats, music is undoubtedly the most mature segment of mobile entertainment and with the current spread across a number of platforms it is clear that digital has become the heart of the music industry. With ever increasing music libraries, enhanced music curation and growing global monetisation opportunities it seems that the digital transformation is making real headway for the future of the music industry.

Need for 5G: Hot pursuit

August 2015
The development of mobile broadband applications and services is being enabled by next generation wireless broadband technologies such as Wi-Fi (802.11ad, 802.11 af - 802.11ah), LTE (Long Term Evolution), LTE-U (LTE Unlicensed) and LTE-A (LTE Advanced).
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