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Our whitepapers cover a wide range of topics and generally reflect the areas that we cover most. Registered users on the website can download three whitepapers per quarter or take out a twelve month whitepaper subscription. Subscriptions cost a very reasonable £50 (approx $75 or €65) and provide access to all currently available whitepapers, and all new whitepapers published during the subscription period.

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Microfinance with Macro Potential

November 2015
Micro-credit, insurance, and saving are making a hugely positive impact on millions of the world’s poor and creating new markets for innovative service providers.

Connected Sky

November 2015
The changing consumption habits of passengers is an important trend that airlines and IFEC providers must take note of, as passengers switch from web browsing to content streaming as their preferred activity. Several IFEC service suppliers have already started catering for this demand.

Improved In-flight connectivity will also fuel the growth of non-passenger related services such as flight crew data applications, cabin crew information systems, maintenance, and big data applications.

Wearables ~ the Heartbeat on your Sleeve

November 2015
After a series of launches from large and small electronics companies since 2012, wearable technology is starting to find its place in the business world, if not entirely the consumer space. With wearable companies now starting to go public, the opportunities for these devices are becoming more apparent and the opportunities better understood.

Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2016

November 2015
In this Trends document, we provide our assessment of what we believe will be the critical developments over the coming year in the tech space, developments that will impact upon, and be driven by, both players across the value chain and consumers themselves.

Game Of Drones

November 2015
A growing ecosystem of drone software and hardware vendors is already providing applications to clients in a number of industry sectors, notably agriculture, public services, land management, energy and construction.
With the increasing amounts of money from venture capitalists being ploughed into drone start-ups worldwide, there is undoubted promise for the technology being used successfully in civilian applications

Smart Toys ~ Do Toys Dream of Digital Lives?

November 2015
In a world where the concept of applying Internet connectivity has been considered for almost all physical objects, it is unsurprising that the toy industry is increasingly involved in the development and sale of connected, ‘smart toys’.

Consumer Cloud ~ On-Demand, In Demand

November 2015
Juniper’s latest market-leading research examines the highly competitive consumer cloud computing service landscape. It evaluates each service segment in turn, investigating how stakeholders can develop sustainable business models and implement successful strategies. Readers will find benchmark data accompanied by comprehensive industry insight.

Esports - Gamers’ New MVP?

November 2015
Juniper Research is a market leader in the digital content research area, having built an unrivalled source of market intelligence and forecast data over the past 12 years. Juniper’s groundbreaking research into the eSports market represents the benchmark for analysis of this burgeoning segment.

Mobile ~ Solving an Identity Crisis

October 2015
As mobile handsets have become more commonplace, there are now more than 6.4 billion worldwide, they have evolved far beyond a simple means of two-way communications. They are now a multi-faceted enabler of numerous day-to-day activities such as gameplay, listening to music, watching videos, browsing the Internet, retail and banking. As consumers increasingly engage with their digital surroundings, the need both to verify a user’s identity and to protect it from theft becomes more pressing. 

Connected Homes ~ Getting Smarter

October 2015
This new research on Smart Homes provides invaluable insight into understanding the connected home market and how the development of services, technologies and ecosystems are likely to drive this segment towards mass adoption.
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