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Our Resource pages provide access to a variety information sources including partner events, the Juniper Future Digital Awards programme and a variety of multimedia. In addition, you can subscribe to our free Whitepapers.

Whitepapers & Free Research

Our whitepapers cover a wide range of topics and generally reflect the areas that we cover most. Registered users on the website can download our free whitepapers, published on a weekly basis.

The Future of M2M

July 2016
In the last couple of years M2M (machine-to-machine) has become part of the arsenal of products offered by global carriers and a significant revenue stream for M2M specialists. These have developed complex service propositions, designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency for their clients. Meanwhile business models are beginning to account for new technology concepts and developments, one of the latest to gain significant traction being the IoT (Internet of Things).

Top 3 Disruptive Innovators to Watch in 2016

July 2016
Today, an army of hungry start-ups, aided by falling barriers to entry an inspired by successful disruptors, are targeting all corners of human activity. They are taking aim at everything from insurance to report-writing and medical treatment.

Digital TV ~ Skinny Bundles & Cord Shaving

July 2016
Juniper Research has found that revenues from SVOD services, such as Netflix and Amazon, will more than double from $14.6 billion this year to $34.6 billion in 2021.

Netflix now has US subscriber numbers level with leading network providers DirecTV and Comcast (47 million and 47.7 million respectively)

Head-up Displays - The Road Ahead

July 2016
New technology allows OEMs to offer more compact and affordable HUDs, enabling them to be available in a wide variety of mid-size cars.

his will transform the automotive HUD market over the next 5 years. New technology will also dramatically improve the utility of HUDs, a longstanding barrier to market adoption. Since Google Glass put AR (Augmented Reality) into the public imagination, automotive OEMs and suppliers have rushed to show what they might be able to achieve in the future. As a result, HUDs with AR is poised to significantly change how drivers ‘see’ the road. 

Brexit – The Tech Industry Take

June 2016
On Thursday 23rd June, UK voters will participate in a referendum to decide whether or not their country remains a member of the EU (European Union).

Juniper Research has conducted a survey of employees in the tech industry, both in the UK and overseas, to gauge their respective attitudes to the potential impact of Brexit (a British exit from the EU). Find out the results in this whitepaper.

Disrupting International Remittance

June 2016
The research found a significant upsurge in international remittance activity in the past 2 years with a number of cross-border mobile remittance services being deployed. For example, PayPal-owned Xoom announced in April 2016 that it will expand its services to 13 new recipient countries.

It found that international mobile money transfers are forecast to grow in frequency in all regions as users become more accustomed to using the service. Value transactions are also forecast to rise in the future.

Making Digital Content Pay

June 2016
As content migrates to digital, there is an attendant trend away from content ownership and towards content access: it is perceived as far more critical to be able to, say, listen to a song on multiple devices than to own it. It also means that, increasingly, the device on which you pay for the content may not be the device on which you primarily access that content.

mPOS ~ Payments Outside The Box

June 2016
The development of the smartphone/app store model has, in turn, created an ecosystem of applications, within which hardware peripherals can enhance the smartphone’s functionality for specific purposes.

While the most obvious example of this is the current wearables trend, the payments market has been significantly disrupted by the use of mobile-enabled payment accessories, which allow merchants to use smartphones or tablets as POS (point-of-sale) terminals, referred to as mPOS (mobile POS) accessories.

Digital Retail Marketing ~ Beacons Signal The Future

May 2016
There is a pronounced trend from brands and retailers to offer coupons which are based around location-aware delivery mechanisms, be it NFC (Near Field Communication), Wi-Fi or GPS. From their initial forays into the space, brands have recognised that coupons with a location element typically enjoy far higher redemption rates than those without, particularly in the form of impulse purchases.

In-App Purchases ~ Coining it in for Developers

May 2016
In Juniper’s assessment of the applications market place, we have analysed the use of applications on mobile, tablet, featurephone and, for the first time, Connected TVs. We segment the applications market into the following categories: ereaders, finance, games, healthcare, lifestyle, multimedia, productivity and social communications. 
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