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September 2015
The mobile and online entertainment industry will take revenues of $195 billion this year and that level is set to continue rising.  Growth in the market will be driven by increased adoption of online TV & Video services, particularly through OTT services such as Netflix and Hulu leading with subscription based services. Interestingly, alongside OTT prospects in this sector there are also new revenue opportunities for MNO's, in particular through carrier billing solutions. 

Wireless Charging - A Surge of Interest

August 2015
Batteries and charging capacity are 2 of the biggest limiters of consumer technology today, particularly for mobile and wireless devices. While the computing, display, audio and connectivity capabilities of mobile devices have accelerated at a rapid pace, there is no Moore’s Law for battery power, with incremental increases in power capacity of lithium-ion batteries of around 6% each year.1 There are often reports of new battery technologies that have the potential to totally change the battery landscape, but these have yet to make it out of university laboratories.

Mobile Gambling ~ The Winner Takes it All

August 2015
Gambling is a pastime for millions around the world. In today’s market there is an ever-growing trend towards the proliferation of gambling activities through mobile and online channels. However, with this growth there have been several acts to attempt to curb or outright ban mobile and online gambling.

OK Alphabet - Juniper Insights

August 2015
In a move that has surprised the tech world and Wall Street alike, Larry Page has announced that Google will no longer operate as a standalone company, but as a wholly-owned subsidiary of its new parent, named Alphabet. The new company, Alphabet Inc, will replace Google Inc as a publicly traded entity, although shares will continue to be traded on Nasdaq under GOOG and GOOGL; existing Google shares will transfer over on a like-for-like basis to Alphabet.

Digital Music ~ A New Pitch

August 2015
Across a variety of formats, music is undoubtedly the most mature segment of mobile entertainment and with the current spread across a number of platforms it is clear that digital has become the heart of the music industry. With ever increasing music libraries, enhanced music curation and growing global monetisation opportunities it seems that the digital transformation is making real headway for the future of the music industry.

Need for 5G: Hot pursuit

August 2015
The development of mobile broadband applications and services is being enabled by next generation wireless broadband technologies such as Wi-Fi (802.11ad, 802.11 af - 802.11ah), LTE (Long Term Evolution), LTE-U (LTE Unlicensed) and LTE-A (LTE Advanced).

IoT - Internet of Transformation

July 2015
Over the past decade or so, concepts of what the Internet is, or will become, have shifted dramatically. Indeed, the Internet can rather be looked at in terms of different stages of evolution given that, while the basic concept behind the Internet remains the same, its scope has proven itself to be hugely dynamic.

Buying into Online Shopping

July 2015
In 2013, the value of mobile and online physical goods sales exceeded $1 trillion for the first time and last year exceeded $1.4 trillion. Overwhelmingly, the momentum for growth comes from the mobile (smartphone and tablet) sphere, with the Chinese market in particular experiencing stellar increases. However, the sales of online goods, both physical and digital, is no longer the preserve of the pureplay online retailer, with a majority of mid-sized and large retailers transitioning to a hybrid approach to maximise their engagement opportunities with consumers.

Digital Promotions - The Opportunity

July 2015
1.2 billion promotions were redeemed in the UK in 2014. While web coupons are now the most popular form of promotion in the UK today, overwhelmingly these are expensive Print At Home based solutions with little engagement potential. The benefits of digital promotions include greater targetting, flexibility, reduced revenue cannibalisation, much lower cost and maximised profitability.

Digital Adult Content - For Your Viewing Pleasure

June 2015
Broadly speaking, digital adult content is often perceived to include activities such as gambling and themes such as depictions of violence (on video or in videogames) or even language containing sexually-explicit words or other obscenities (however they are defined).
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