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Our Resource pages provide access to a variety information sources including partner events, the Juniper Future Digital Awards programme and a variety of multimedia. In addition, you can subscribe to our free Whitepapers.

Whitepapers & Free Research

Our whitepapers cover a wide range of topics and generally reflect the areas that we cover most. Registered users on the website can download our free whitepapers, published on a weekly basis.

Managing The Risk Of Fraud

April 2016
Online fraud has become big business and costs billions of dollars each year, not just in fraud loss, but also in administrative overheads. Banks and online merchants are in a continuous battle to prevent fraud. 
This Whitepaper looks at; what is driving fraud in eCommerce & online banking, global fraud rates, fraud attacks by vertical, market forecast summary & key takeaways.

Mobile ~ The Big Ticket

April 2016
Consumers have realised the benefits of online ticketing over traditional means and it has become an established and matured market with users representing steady growth; this is highlighted in the figure right.
Juniper estimates that the number of mobile ticketing users far exceeds that of online ticketing users in 2 key sectors: Entertainment (including movie ticket sales) and Metro/Bus.

Digital Commerce - Sizing the Opportunity

April 2016
Juniper’s latest research, Digital Commerce: Key Trends, Sectors & Forecasts 2016-2020, found that the digital commerce market is set to increase from $4.9 trillion in 2015 to just over $8 trillion by 2020. In perspective, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Japan (the world’s third largest economy in terms of nominal GDP) was estimated to be $4.6 trillion in 2014.

Sharing Economy ~ Uber Disruptive

April 2016
With the advent of the sharing economy, one segment which has lent itself well to this disruptive trend is transport, where the desire for cheap, efficient and easy access to transport mechanisms has seen demand soar.

Tablets, Phablets, Hybrids - One Device to Rule them All

April 2016
The miniaturisation and mobility of computational power has brought about a range of devices that are becoming more significant than traditional PC-based computing, covering a multitude of divergent devices from smartphones to MP3 players

Maximising the Digital Payment Opportunity

March 2016
Maximising the Digital Payment Opportunity, analyses key trends across the digital payments space and provides a forecast summary of transactions values for contactless, eRetail and online remittance spend.

Context & Location Services ~ Real-Time Relevance

March 2016
Juniper Research has found that app advertising, using context and location targeting, will exceed $44 billion by 2020, up from an estimated $13 billion last year. This new whitepaper explores the opportunities for context and location based services. 

Electric Vehicles Going the Extra Mile

March 2016
One of the main deterrents for the adoption of EVs is faith in the technology; convincing consumers that their long-held trust in fossil fuel powered vehicles is the biggest barrier to adoption.

The performance of an EV is largely dependent on the capabilities of the battery technologies. OEMs, such as Tesla and Chevrolet, are working to improve their vehicle range; selected models now boast of being able to travel in excess of 200 miles on a single charge.

Mobile World Congress 2016

March 2016
Missed MWC16?

Juniper Research's MWC team were on site for all of the launches and news from the conference. Get our take on the event in our Mobile World Congress 2016 whitepaper report. Categorising the key developments, and providing a quick summary of the launches and exhibits.

NFC - No Contact Required

February 2016
This whitepaper provides an assessment of the key trends in NFC payments and includes an analysis of early activity in the NFC wearables payment space.

Topics include:
  • Apple's impact
  • Host Card Emulation
  • SIM-based Models
  • The emergence of wearables 
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