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Digital Adult Content - For Your Viewing Pleasure

June 2015
Broadly speaking, digital adult content is often perceived to include activities such as gambling and themes such as depictions of violence (on video or in videogames) or even language containing sexually-explicit words or other obscenities (however they are defined).

Cash-in on Mobile Money Transfer

June 2015
As mCommerce continues to gain traction across developed regions, a number of markets primarily, but not exclusively, in sub-Saharan Africa and emerging Asia, have experienced a mobile money revolution of a markedly different nature. The mobile device has enabled individuals in these highly underbanked markets to achieve first-time financial inclusivity, to the extent that by the end of 2014 more than 15 countries had more mobile money accounts than bank accounts.

Sending Out An SMS...

June 2015
Mobile messaging today encompasses both the more traditional forms of messaging and the popular OTT (Over the Top) messaging services from providers such as WhatsApp and WeChat. We live in an age where communication has never been so rapid or efficient, with services given titles such as ‘instant’ messaging.

M2M ~ In an IoT World

June 2015
In the last couple of years M2M (machine-to-machine) has become part of the arsenal of products on offer by global carriers and a significant revenue stream for M2M specialists. These have developed complex service propositions, designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency for their clients. While the threat of new business models created by the global smartphone/app ecosystem has created challenges in some sectors, it has also boosted the value proposition of M2M by providing an additional ‘window’ through which to view M2M activity.

Top 10 Technology Leaders, Influencers and Visionaries 2015

May 2015
Leaders, innovators and visionaries have always been at the heart of the technology sector. Their choices, actions and investments influence the direction and pace of the industry. This free research presents the 10 individuals that Juniper believes will have the greatest impact on the sector over the next 12 months, discussing how they influence both their respective organisations and the wider tech sector.

Wi-Fi Calling Operators

May 2015
MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) are facing unparalleled challenges to remain profitable as global numbers of subscribers increase, ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) decreases and they face stiff competition from other operators and Over-The-Top players who increasingly use their network for little or no return.

Cybercrime & the Internet of Threats

May 2015
As more and more business infrastructure moves online, so do those wishing to destroy or defraud that infrastructure. Cybercrime is a growing threat to corporations and consumers, who are increasingly using online methods to run their businesses and lives. With the advent of mobile computing, this is only likely to become more common.

Digital Marketing ~ Don’t Discount Loyalty

April 2015
Retail is increasingly online and digital, not merely in terms of the purchases made, but with regard to the supporting infrastructure around advertising, loyalty, promotion and marketing. As transactions have moved online so, too, has the wider ecosystem evolved to keep pace. Advertising is now delivered to consumers across a multitude of screens, with brands and marketers keen to exploit the respective benefits of each device type. Loyalty schemes and promotions can draw on the assets that connected devices have to offer, delivering targeted, personalised, timely campaigns based on the profile and location of the consumer.

OTT ~ A Threat Networks Can’t Shake Off

April 2015
The growing popularity of watching and sharing TV online has meant that viewing video online has also become a much more widespread activity in many people’s lives, particularly the younger demographic. There are many sites which allow people to view user-generated content, music videos, film trailers, news and so forth. This behaviour originated from the trend for DTV (Digital TV) given that online video does not conform to a schedule and Internet TV and online video services often see less advertising within the show compared to shows on traditional TV.

Digital Advertising Gets Personal

April 2015
Since the first ever clickable banner advert in 1993, advertising on digital platforms has seen significant developments. According to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), 2013 saw digital advertising revenues overtake cable TV advertising in the US for the first time. The process by which advertisements reach their target audiences has advanced from just being the advertiser and publisher to including a plethora of stakeholders in between them...
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