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Whitepapers & Free Research

Our whitepapers cover a wide range of topics and generally reflect the areas that we cover most. Registered users on the website can download our free whitepapers, published on a weekly basis.

Smart Glasses – Seeing Through the Hype

February 2016
Smart glasses are one of the most innovative developments in the emerging wearable technology market. In many ways, they are closest to an imagined future for many consumers in developed markets. However, with the inability of Google Glass to find a key use case in consumers’ lives, there have been questions about the segment’s future.

Hitting The Wi-Fi Hotspot

January 2016
At present, the Wi-Fi market is undergoing a major transformation driven by the introduction of Carrier Grade Wi-Fi networks which offer improved security, QoS (Quality of Service) and an enhanced user experience compared to Best-Efforts Wi-Fi. Rather than a separate network used for data offload or broadband extension, Carrier Grade Wi-Fi technology makes Wi-Fi a core element of an integrated Wi-Fi/cellular or Wi-Fi/broadband network.


Fitness Wearables ~ Time to Step Up

January 2016
The fitness segment is the oldest in the wearables market, with the first connected pedometers appearing in the mid 2000s. However, it is only in the last few years that the category as a whole has emerged in the consumer electronics space and it was, until the release of several smartwatches in 2014, the sole focus of most of the market.

The Best of CES 2016 - Disruptors, Innovators & Cash Cows

January 2016
Development, not Disruption–there were few breakout innovations at CES 2016, but many products are ‘coming of age’. For many sectors, from wearables to IoTsensors, VR to consumer robotics, refinement and increasing sophistication was on display. 

Smartwatches: Clocking the Trend

January 2016
Demonstrating a beneficial use case is the largest problem for wearables in the consumer space; people frequently need to be convinced to use a device, rather than seeking it out to fulfil an existing need.

While smartwatches’ most common claim to a use case is to improve convenience and ‘free’ users from their smartphone, several users and reviewers note that this simply shifts the burden of notification to another location, rather than lessening the load.

Following the Crowd - Investment through Equity Funding

December 2015
Crowdfunding is a popular, albeit alternative, form of financing which has emerged as an online service over the past few years. It is the process of sourcing finance from a group of people, rather than through more traditional methods, such as taking out a loan from a dedicated lending institution.

Consumer Robotics ~ Rise of the Machines

December 2015
Juniper Research expects that over 1 in 10 American households will own a consumer robot by the end of the decade, up from under 1 in 25 this year. At this early stage in the market, shipments are expected to be dominated by so-called ‘task’ oriented robots assigned to take over household chores, such as lawn mowing or vacuum cleaning. 

The Rise and Fall of the Roaming Empire

December 2015
Juniper's Mobile Roaming research evaluates the diverse roaming strategies and pricing models operating across different parts of the world, alongside an analysis of business models for global mobile operators. Juniper’s Mobile Roaming research is the only service covering both In-Flight & Maritime Mobile Roaming market segments.

Coupons ~ Personalisation Goes Hyper

December 2015
There is a pronounced trend from brands and retailers to offer coupons which are based around location-aware delivery mechanisms, be it NFC (Near Field Communication), Wi-Fi or GPS. From their initial forays into the space, brands have recognised that coupons with a location element typically enjoy far higher redemption rates than those without, particularly in the form of impulse purchases. 

On Track with Connected and Self-Driving Vehicles

December 2015
Juniper’s ground-breaking new research into Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS (Advance Driverless Assistance Systems) charts the anticipated opportunities in the Consumer & Commercial Connected Cars market. It also investigates the In-Vehicle Applications and Insurance Telematics sectors, offering valuable insights into the future consumer markets.
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