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The Mobile Augmented Reality Briefing 2012-2017

The Mobile Augmented Reality Briefing 2012-2017

Publisher: Juniper Research
Date Published: 01/09/2012
Category: Mobile Content & Applications
No of Pages: 14
Coverage: Global ~ 8 Key Regions


This executive briefing examines the technologies used to give AR experiences and what has driven, and is driving, the growth of AR. The briefing also examines changing business models within the AR industry and which factors will constrain growth in the market. This briefing also gives a forecast for total revenues generated by the mobile AR industry over the next five years.

The Mobile Augmented Reality Briefing
1. Introduction 2
2. Defining Mobile Augmented Reality 3
Figure 1: Defining Augmented Reality 3
3. Enabling Technologies 3
3.1 QR Codes/AR Markers 3
3.2 Image Recognition/Markerless Tracking 4
4. Key Drivers for Mobile Augmented Reality 4
Table 1: Key Drivers for Mobile Augmented Reality 4
5. Barriers to Deployment 5
Figure 2: Barriers to Mobile Augmented Reality Deployment 5
5.1 Consumer Awareness 5
5.2 Meeting Expectations 5
5.3 Offering Value to the Consumer 5
5.4 Legal Barriers 6
i. Safety 6
ii. Privacy 6
iii. Libel and Obscenity 6
6. Evolution of Mobile Augmented Reality Business Models 6
6.1 Increased Focus on Verticals 6
6.2 From App to SDK 7
6.3 Extending Existing Products 7
7. Total Market for Mobile Augmented Reality 7
Figure 3: Total Mobile AR Revenues ($m) on Mobile Devices Split by Category 2012 – 2017 7
Table 2: Total Mobile AR Revenues ($m) on Mobile Devices Split by Category 2012 – 2017 8
Order the Full Report 8
Juniper Research Limited 9


Extra Info

‡ 8 key regions includes:

North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East.


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Please see: Mobile Augmented Reality Smartphones, Tablets and Smart Glasses 2013-2018


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