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Mobile TV

Mobile TV

Opportunities for Streamed & Broadcast Services, 2008-2013 (Fourth Edition)

Publisher: Juniper Research
Date Published: 06/10/2008
Category: Mobile Content & Applications
No of Pages: 221
Coverage: Global - 8 Key regions


This extensive 221 page fourth edition mobile TV report provides the most thorough investigation of the opportunity for both broadcast and streamed mobile services to date.

Crucially this report analyses the impact that low power consumption chipsets, which are capable of receiving analogue and digital TV signals free of charge, will have on the prospects for the deployment of dedicated mobile broadcast TV networks.  The report also focuses on streamed services and provides a vital appraisal of the opportunity for paid for streamed TV offering.
The report provides 43 country level forecasts for broadcast TV including; user numbers, proportion who pay for services, average revenue per user (ARPU) by technology and by broadcast TV standard.  Total ad-spend revenues for both streamed and broadcast services are also presented along with total end-user revenues for both streamed and broadcast TV and regional forecasts for streamed TV services based on user numbers as well as ARPU are also projected, all up until 2013.

When purchasing the mobile TV report with an enterprise wide licence, the global mobile TV database is included at no extra cost.

Key questions that the report answers:

• How much is the mobile TV market worth, and what revenues will it generate in five years time?
• In which markets have mobile broadcast TV services been launched, and how successful have those services been?
• Which mobile broadcast TV standards are likely to be deployed in which countries?
• To what extent will handsets capable of receiving terrestrial TV signals penetrate the mass market, and what impact will that have on operator business models?
• What role do streamed TV services have to play in the mobile TV marketplace?
• What are the prospects for advertising as either a primary or supplementary revenue stream?


Please note: This product is not available to be purchased individually, or it may have been superceded.
Please see: Mobile TV Applications, Services & Opportunities, 2010-2015


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