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Mobile Commerce

Over the past ten years Juniper has pioneered research into this sector, plotting the course of mobile payments, banking and financial services as well as NFC, ticketing and coupons. Please feel free to browse our research below, or contact our customer service team directly for assistance.

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  • Mobile Operators ~ Strategies for Growth

    As the array of mobile content, services and delivery devices continues to evolve, the role of the network operator is now open...

  • Mobile Coupons ~ The Redeeming Factor?

    Perhaps the most fundamental trend at the heart of couponing is that couponing?s purpose (how couponing is being used) has...

  • Digital banking ~ Mobile and Beyond

    Given the technological advances which have revolutionised mobile communications over the past 12 months, Juniper Research defines the 'mobile device' as...

  • Paying the Digital Way

    Over the past decade, eRetail has accelerated to the point whereby, in 2013, more than $1 trillion in physical goods sales alone...

  • Smart Phone - Smart Wallet - Smart Cash

    Payment has been an integral part of this transition, and the emergence of the mobile wallet key to mobile payment's own development...

  • Making Mobile Pay

    As the mobile device has evolved from a means of effecting voice communication to a multi-faceted lifestyle accessory, payment has become a key element...


About The Future Mobile Awards

The Future Mobile Awards are given to companies that have made a significant contribution to their sector and are poised to make considerable market impact in the future.