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Juniper Research specialises in the identification and appraisal of high growth opportunities across the mobile telecoms, content, and applications sectors. We offer market intelligence, analysis and research in the form of analyst reports, subscription databases and consultancy services. Read more

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  • 3D Printing ~ Cutting through the Hype

    3D printers, with the ability to print a variety of objects, have evolved significantly over the past few years and are currently re-shaping the future for...

  • Making Mobile Pay

    As the mobile device has evolved from a means of effecting voice communication to a multi-faceted lifestyle accessory, payment has become a key element...

  • Mobile Search ~ Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

    As the wealth of information and content available online grows at a rapid pace, the online environment becomes increasingly difficult to navigate. This has led to key developments in the market for search...

  • Hybrids 2-in-1 ~ PC to Tablet

    Essentially, hybrid tablets combine the mobility of a tablet with the functionality of an Ultrabook. Juniper sees hybrid devices...

  • eReaders ~ A future on the shelves

    Essentially the eReader is a device with an extremely narrow focus, eBooks, which puts it completely at odds with the rest of the average consumer?s ecosystem such as smartphones and tablets...

  • Tapping into Contactless Payments

    Since 2011, expectations have been high that mobile contactless payments, enabled via NFC would rapidly gain traction...


About The Future Mobile Awards

The Future Mobile Awards are given to companies that have made a significant contribution to their sector and are poised to make considerable market impact in the future.

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