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Handsets & Devices

The burgeoning demand for Smartphones, tablets and low cost handsets continues to drive the mobile industry. Juniper offers a broad range of reports, and interactive spreadsheets covering the current and future handsets and devices market.  Please feel free to browse our research below, or contact us directly for assistance.

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  • Tablets, Phablets & Hybrids ~ One Screen to Rule Them All

    The phablet is a relatively new genre of mobile consumer electronic device, which emerged as the...

  • Fit for the Future with Wearables

    Wearable devices have exploded into the consumer consciousness in the last 2 years and they will be the 'next big thing' in CE (consumer electronics). Exactly what that 'thing' is...

  • A Future in View for Smart Glasses?

    Smart glasses are one of the most innovative developments in the emerging wearable technology market. It is, in many ways, the segment closest to...

  • Countdown to Smart Watch Success

    The market for smart watches has become a lot more crowded over the past 12 months, with several major mobile vendors encouraging the development of an ecosystem around complex app-enabled devices. This is a development of...

  • Smartphones ~ Emerging Push vs Maturing Pull

    The term 'smartphone' is now over a decade old in industry terms and now encompasses a subset of mobile handsets, which range in unsubsidised prices from...

  • Wearables: Smart Chic or Smart Hype

    Wearable devices have exploded into the consumer consciousness in the last 2 years and, when use cases become established...


About The Future Mobile Awards

The Future Mobile Awards are given to companies that have made a significant contribution to their sector and are poised to make considerable market impact in the future.