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Our clients come from a broad spectrum of sectors and industries and represent many of the world’s leading players and trailblazing innovators. They use Juniper Research to quickly acquire industry knowledge, gain market insight, and benefit from competitive advantage.

Here is a small sample of our customers, the challenges they are facing, and their thoughts on working with Juniper Research.

Sony Mobile benefit greatly from Juniper reports, in particular, the annual benchmark report into smart wearable technology

Henry Kondo

Product Planning Manager
Sony Mobile
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Juniper Research provides an assessment of the disruptive factors rather than feature function comparisons among solution providers, which is much more relevant and of interest to the banks.

Andrew Mikesell

Omnichannel Banking Director
United States
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In our business planning we use market research data from many different sources and we have experienced Juniper as a credible partner for this purpose

Peter Heuman

VP Deputy Head of Business Unit Support Solutions
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There are at least three ways the Bluetooth SIG and Bluetooth industry has benefited from Juniper Research

Suke Jawanda

Chief Marketing Officer
Bluetooth SIG
United States
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Juniper Research provide us with the opportunity to learn from different players in different markets

Alessandro Adriani

Chief Executive Officer
Bridge Alliance
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For the Mobile Adult sector specifically, Juniper Research is the ONLY analyst assessing and reporting on this highly lucrative, but mostly taboo sector

Julia Dimambro

Founder & Mobile Strategist
Cherry Media
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The Juniper reports have been extremely beneficial resources in numerous ways

Mary Clark

Chief Marketing Officer
United States
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There's more of a call for external validation of strategies: citing a Juniper report on the changing marketplace or the dominance of mobile provides that validation

Micah Adler

President, CEO, Founder
United States
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As a company operating in a rapidly evolving space, it is important to be able to source accurate, reliable and current research

Paolo Montessori

CEO & Managing Director
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Vuzix likes the way Juniper Research anticipates trends in the market and does their homework to monitor and confirm those trends as they unfold.

Paul Travers

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
Vuzix Corp.
United States
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I’ve long considered Juniper to be an authoritative voice on operator billing, which is Bango’s focus area.

Richard Leyland

VP of Marketing Communications
United Kingdom
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We approached Juniper Research to work with us because of their reputation for knowledge of and experience in the mobile commerce space

Roland Tauchner

Chief Executive Officer
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By providing essential data and market intelligence, Juniper helps us identify new opportunities, and more accurately define and position ourselves in the mobile landscape

Silvio Kutic

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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We have just started using Juniper Research regularly, they are a key player in the mobile commerce area and have supplied us with some key insights.

Steve Rothwell

Founder & CTO
Eagle Eye Solutions
United Kingdom
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