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Juniper Research specialises in the identification and appraisal of high growth opportunities across the mobile telecoms, content, and applications sectors. We offer market intelligence, analysis and research in the form of analyst reports, subscription databases and consultancy services. Read more

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  • Consumer Electronics... What's Next? Best of CES 2015

    Our new CES 2015 slide set categorises the key developments, and provides a quick summary of the more interesting launches and exhibits...

  • Smart Cities ~ System of Systems

    The development of cities as centralised economic hubs that began accelerating after the Industrial Revolution, has now been compounded through the arrival of the connected city, where being online...

  • Human Interface Technologies ~ Small Gestures, Big Opportunities

    Consumers experience gesture and touchless technology in their everyday lives outside the mobile handset sector. This familiarity no doubt aids...

  • Top 10 Tech Trends for 2015

    In this trends document, we provide our assessment of what we believe will be the critical developments over the coming year, developments that will...

  • Fit for the Future with Wearables

    Wearable devices have exploded into the consumer consciousness in the last 2 years and they will be the 'next big thing' in CE (consumer electronics). Exactly what that 'thing' is...

  • Mobile Commerce ~ On the Money

    Over the past 5 years, the scale of mobile commerce in its various forms (banking, money transfer, retail, ticketing, couponing) has grown...


About The Future Mobile Awards

The Future Mobile Awards are given to companies that have made a significant contribution to their sector and are poised to make considerable market impact in the future.

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    Australian Government (DCITA)